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Stage Combat: A Mental Health Story by Sean Hayden (Ep. 45)

October 26, 2023 Sean Hayden Episode 45
101 Stage Adaptations
Stage Combat: A Mental Health Story by Sean Hayden (Ep. 45)
Show Notes

Melissa was thrilled to speak with fellow theatre podcaster Sean Hayden. If you are not familiar with his podcast, Stage Combat: A Mental Health Story, it is one of the most important theatre podcasts out there. And if you have listened his podcast, and you're not caught up, be warned that this conversation contains spoilers.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Sean's groundbreaking podcast, Stage Combat, that is changing the theatre industry for the better
  • His process for crafting this complex, multi-layered story
  • How being an attorney encouraged him bring his mental health story to the public
  • What he wants theatre management to do when it comes to employee and artist mental health

And more!

Resources Mentioned

Stage Combat: A Mental Health Story

About Our Guest

Sean Hayden is the CEO of Haywood Productions, LLC.  As a professional actor, Sean has appeared in two Broadway national tours and in plays and musicals in theaters across the country. He is a proud union member of Actors' Equity Association.  He is currently working with theatre departments in higher education institutions to better support the mental health of their students. As a mental health advocate, Sean has provided thought leadership on how employers can better support the mental health of their employees.  His op-ed on “Men and Mental Health” appeared in The Economic Times. Sean is also a licensed attorney who has his own law practice is Manhattan. 
Sean resides in New York City and upstate New York with his husband, a screenwriter.

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