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New Play Exchange Basics with Nan Barnett (Ep. 39)

September 14, 2023 Nan Barnett Episode 39
101 Stage Adaptations
New Play Exchange Basics with Nan Barnett (Ep. 39)
Show Notes

Inspired by a post in a playwriting group on Facebook, Melissa replays part of her previous conversation with Nan Barnett when they cover New Play Exchange (NPX).

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What NPX is and how this program got started
  • Who it's for and how to use it (Hint: anyone who writes plays and reads plays!) 
  • What playwrights can expect from putting their work on NPX 
  • How to optimize your profile and membership

And more!

Resources Mentioned
Episode 9 with Nan Barnett
Episode 27 with Nan Barnett
National New Play Network
New Play Exchange

About Our Guest

Nan Barnett is a new play developer and producer and an advocate for theater-makers and the theater they make. She is the Executive Director of National New Play Network, the country’s alliance of theaters that collaborate in innovative ways to develop, produce, and extend the life of new plays. While on NNPN’s Executive Committee she worked to create the organization’s revolutionary Rolling World Premiere and Residency programs. She came to the Network full-time in 2013 and guided it through the development and launch of its field-altering database, the New Play Exchange ®, now home to more than 53,000 plays by living writers, and its recent planning process, which resulted in the organization’s much-lauded new governance and membership structure and plan for leading the field towards a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive new play ecosystem. Nan spent 24 seasons at Florida Stage, a LORT theater producing exclusively new and developing work, was a member of the inaugural Helen Hayes Awards’ New Play Panel for the nation’s capital region and Coordinating Producer for the 2015 and 2018 iterations of DC’s Women’s Voices Theater Festival. She serves on the Artistic Council of the O’Neill Theater Center and was inducted into the National Theatre Conference in 2017.

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